Live tweeting!

Throughout the course of BCM325, our class was expected to I participate in active discussion revolving around Futures Culture and its relation to several films in popular culture. I found the whole process different, new and exciting and you’re able to check out all of my live tweets here!

Engagement with peers
Throughout this process I thought it was extremely valuable to interact with my peers in order to touch base on our content and ensure we are bouncing off of each other and learning. This helped me to join in the conversation and ensure everyone felt included as a team. I interacted with me peers through a mixture of liking tweets to show my support, commenting my opinions and retweeting. Tweets and interactions like the ones displayed below were extremely helpful as it made me think about ideas that I normally never would have before.

Further research

While tweeting, I thought it would also be valuable to bring some information that I had previously researched about our topics to the table. I thought adding fun facts about the films and weekly content would provide interesting material for my peers while also teaching em and expanding my knowledge about films and topics that I normally wouldn’t gravitate towards. I found some of these tweets really successful in gaining traction amongst my peers like this one below.

This tweet gained traction within the first few minutes of being posted.

I also sourced some of my information from Mental Floss as they provided facts that related to the course content and provided a unique view of the content we were studying. This allowed me to tweet facts that I knew I found interesting and that I knew my peers might not know yet.

Lecture material

While further research and interacting with my peers is important, interacting with lecture material and showing an understanding of the weekly content was also pivotal. Each week I tried to link what we were watching to our lecture material and I believe I did a pretty good job of this.

I feel as though i could have improved this by going a step further and intorducing some new reserarch and showing that I went above and beyond to really connect witht eh material. I could have done this by sourcing my own links and recommending further reading to my peers through my tweets.

In the coming weeks I hope to remain active on twitter and start even more conversations with my peers. It’s amazing how much we can learn from these interactions from just chatting to each other and actually talking about the content!

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