Peering In

This semester the BCM325 cohort took on the challenge of commentating on individual pitches in order to provide helpful feedback and to reflect on our own personal work. Below are exhibits of my comments and what I learnt throughout the process.

Peer 1- Pia


Within my comment, I noted that I thoroughly enjoyed Pia’s presentation and her aims of exploring how fashions trends have been affected by shifts in global events. While I believed this topic was great, I thought that Pia could be really specific in engaging her audience by noting exact events that are currently affecting fashions trends with this website. I also suggested the growing knowledge surround fast fashion due to COVID and the increased use of social media.


On reflection of my comment, I believe I learnt a lot from Pia’s DA and her approach to ideation and the FIST method. I hadn’t really considered what this had meant but her incorporation of the course material with her own interests flowed really seamlessly and have me insight on how to improve this for myself. I believe I tried to engage with her by finding topics that she could relate to. I thought she could relate more towards specific course content to make her points stand out more which I suggested here.

Peer 2- Samantha


Within my comment, I noted that I really enjoyed Samantha’s idea and how she approached it. I liked that she had done her research and had clearly stated that she was interested in investigating her niche within the bookstagram community. I stated that as there was no real link to the course content, it could be valuable to investigate that further.

Reflection-On reflection, I believe I gave Samantha the best advice possible with the information given. I believe this taught me a lot about my own bookstagram niche and how it could be difficult to narrow that down also. I believe whilst giving me advice, it was quite difficult to provide specific tips on how to improve as it was quite unclear of what Santana was trying to achieve in terms fo the course content. I suggested a few links that may help her narrowing that down and how she could focus in on a specific topic.

Peer 3- Amelia


On reflection, I initially noted that Amelia’s graphics and design were excellent. I noted that she was doing great work in breaking down the stigma of ADHD. I suggested that she could go further with this research by suggesting this journal article that spoke a little built about how past predictions of ADHD have differed to its current depiction in society. I thought this would be helpful in connecting to the course material.


I believe that I approached Amelia’s comment in a constructive and helpful manner. I wanted her to know that I noticed the things she has tried really hard to incorporate as I know that graphics are a main contributor in attracting an audience. I tried to find the gaps in the DA that Amelia may not have considered as I know that viewing things from a fresh eye can sometimes help. I tried to link to course material while also finding links and articles that Amelia would find interesting and related to her DA e.g. trends in ADHD research overtime.
I think I possibly could have improved my comment by providing more sources and approaches for Amelia to tackle with her DA but as I was unsure of what exact approach she will take further down the ideation line, I thought I would stick with one that was a fit for the course material as well as her interests.

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