Networked Insurgencies

‘Use social media for mobilization, coordination and dissemination, scale up fast because anyone can contribute in any capacity.’ -Travis Wall & Teodor Mitew

Having studied BCM112 already, I have a bit of backup knowledge about the topic of collective intelligence and memeactic warfare on the internet. It’s a super interesting topic that I was actually excited to explore and unpack a bit more. I want to talk about this in terms of the US election campaigns and the social media revolutions and warfare that accompanies this battle. Haddow (2016) goes into this in awesome detail when referring to the 2016 presidential election and how meme warefare became a huge deal during this time. As he states, “These shareable, sometimes pithy and often puerile units of culture have emerged as the lingua franca of the 2016 election, and have given the American people an entirely new way of articulating their beliefs”. This basically means that we, as a generation,  are communicating our beliefs in the new way we know how, no matter how harmful this may become. 

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