Beta Contextual Comments


Hi lovely! To start off, I just wanted to say that I really liked how refreshing it was to see the layout of your video. The transitions were really nice, you were on camera and very well-spoken so I think that really assisted in the flow of what you were saying and it helped with my concentration on the video itself. Moving on from that initial point, I like how you have shown a clear update from your pitch to your beta. I think it’s very easy to do a pitch and then forget about it until your DA is due but you’ve really shown your audience how you’ve progressed with your research and you’ve also added further points amongst it which you want to investigate further which is really cool. The one thing I would say is that I’d love to see more of your research and what academic articles have to say about it compared to your opinion. I did find this one that I thought would be cool to check out and even slyly asking your friends about it during a stream could be a good observational method for your study?
This article keeps its tone casual so it’s super easy to read but super informative at the same time! Hope it helps you xx


Tori’s Beta video and post first struck me to be very easy to read and understand. I really liked the way she approached the video (sitting at the camera and having a casual chat) as it made what she was saying easier to relate to. At times the focus was a bit lost along the way but for the most part, the tone of the video was good. Tori aims to discuss League of Legends and the ‘skins’ that one can acquire through the game and why these are so popular. I tried to be as helpful and focused on the research aspect of things as possible as I know this is a major focus of the beta process. I suggested that Tori has a couple of academic sources under her belt and even suggested one myself that I thought was interesting after I read it. I suggested that she use the live streams she is doing to get her friends opinions as this is a great observational tool. I believe my comment was helpful in the sense that I provided, good actionable, simple solutions to heighten her experience with creating her beta. Her research made me look up ‘League of Legends’ and made me interested in playing it. I learnt something new about the online gaming community and was drawn in by her fun, casual tone. I think I improved within my comments as I was more specific and felt more educated on providing feedback.


Hi lovely! Firstly I would just like to say that I really love the name of your DA. It’s really catchy and it instantly caught my eye. It really suits what you are trying to do so well and I think that it’s such a great starting point. Just in terms of your Digital Artefact, I would have loved to see a project recap plan just so I knew what you were trying to achieve before coming into it blind but as I read through I got the jist of things as you spoke about your first Mario Kart blog. I think the first comment I would like to make regarding your project would be to not only use your peer comments but start commenting on reddit forums as this topic is one that would be extremely popular amongst gaming fandoms and internet fans alike. I think that you would find that there is much discussion surrounding the comparison of new and old technology especially in the gaming realm. I think you will find that it’s really valuable to search other platforms as I know how hard it can be to gain traction when we start from scratch on these things. To help you out, I did a bit of background research and while I’m sure you’ve had a look at these sources, I thought this one was particularly useful after having a read through it. It’s really jammed packed with info but once you break it down, it has some good info on the camparison of gaming media from old to new and the affect this has on society. Good luck with everything! 


Flora’s blog post was initially quite bare. I couldn’t find a space to leave a comment on her blog and her video wasn’t initially up, however, the information she had provided in the contextual piece provided me with enough information to add some suggestions and feedback throughout. Flora’s visual and formal features of her DA such s the colours and name of the blog really stood out to me. They were very well-thought out and drew me in to research more. I tried to focus on the further research that could be undertaken with this project. I provided an online journal that could be helpful in terms of what she was trying to achieve with comparing old and new technologies of games. I also suggested that in terms of social research, she may use reddit to gain further research online regarding fanbases of older technology. I thought this may add tot he nostalgic vibe that she was going for in her DA. Flora’s DA was one that interested me as it made me think about the projects in a new way. It was a fresh take on media paratexts and the way audiences react to them so I think that she has so much potential with her project.


Hi lovely! I love this topic! It instantly made me feel so nostalgic and want to click back on my old sims game and play for 5 hours straight. My first point would be that I really love the way you have included points from the research you have found as it’s such a major part of the beta process. You have shared your information in a really succinct and clear way that communicates you know what you are talking about. I really like how you shown a positive feedback loop through the development of your pitch to beta also. I think you should consider using your audience in the sense that you could post on reddit and instagram to look for opinions as there are such wide fanbases for both of these online games. You would have so much information to delve through! I think another good source for you to use would be the Teens React to childhood games videos on Youtube. A really good social media source that keeps the information casual whilst giving you good first-hand observation of what actual people think about these games that you are studying! Good luck! 


Lydia’s DA was one of my favourites to read due to the interesting topic, fun vibe and readability of the whole project. I think I improved the most within my personal feedback when attempting to discuss Lydia’s project. I found myself researching to help out of complete interest for what she was discussing and I think this also helped my research techniques for my own project. This is due to the researching of more social aspects of the media such as Youtube. I learnt that research doesn’t have to be academic in order to be helpful. We can find so many helpful, informative sites with a focus on observational research just as Lydia has shown. I think readers will be so interested in what Lydia’s DA produces due to the nostalgic factor of her writing and the personal notions that they may bring up, just as it did for me.

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