BCM241 Pitch!

Hi everyone! For my BCM241 DA I’ll be discussing the true crime media niche with specific points aiming at why individuals consume disturbing matter if it is meant to shock and scare us. Why are we, as humans so invested in these disturbing stories if it generates feelings of dread or horror?

I’ve always been drawn to true crime stories so deciding on this as my pitch was quite an easy decision. I really needed to narrow down my field site and research plan to make sure that I was researching a relevant topic that would have a definitive outcome. My research plan is basically to start an Instagram based on a different true crime media platform a week. Week 1 may be the true crime podcast “Teacher’s Pet’ whilst Week 2 may be the Ted Bundy tapes documentary found on Netflix. 

The posting regarding this media will allow me to observe the behaviours and commentary of my media audience in order to determine how users react to these disturbing sources and therefore become a basis for my research into why we, as consumers, still enjoy subjecting ourselves to disturbing matter online. I will also be taking notes on my own personal thoughts and feelings during and after consuming this media.

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