Critical Reflection of Comments



Hey Ethan!

To start off, I really like the way you have introduced the game you are studying and provided a bit of background context for those who may not have a lot of background knowledge on the game. I did notice a couple of spelling and grammatical errors such as the sentence that read “to their style of game from game into real life as well as their ratings, I will look at how the game is as where they have excelled from my league, to career mode and my player, “. I did find this a tad hard to read but the information within was really great as it offered me some context into what we can expect from the pitch! Moving onto your video, I really liked the information you gave, especially when providing your own personal opinion. I like that you’ll be reviewing the game yourself. I’d love to hear a bit more about how you think your research will turn out. I’m super interested to find out whether 2k does have an impact on modern life and I like that you’ve provided a bit of background research into what Lebron James had to say about that too, it really gives your research more credibility at the starting point! I found this article that I thought would be really helpful for you. Check it out and I think you’ll find some good info on the perspective of an athlete plain these games. Could provide even more backing to your research! 

Critical reflection:

Ethan’s blog post for his pitch aims to analyse the 2k Basketball gaming franchise in a number of different pillars. Ethan aims to create a blog that will discuss the games features, styles and whether the game has any impact on real-life gameplay. 

I feel like the readability of Ethan’s blog was at first, quite hard to understand, being a few grammatical errors present. However, upon digging deeper and watching his pitch video, a lot of aspect were cleared up for me. I tried to be as in depth as I could with my comment so to summarise, I started by suggesting a brief tidy up of the post due to the aforementioned grammatical errors and continued into an overview of the video provided. I did a fair amount of background research to ensure I was providing Ethan with helpful and accurate information and you will be able to see a source that I carefully picked out based on what road Ethan was heading down with his research. I tried to include what the subject material was asking of us in terms of being specific and including targeted field sites. I based this mainly off of my tutorial attendance and research into what makes a good field site. I observed how research may come into play here and how researching scholarly articles and a range of these will help with research range and credibility. I started by researching within Google Scholar myself in order to provide Ethan with some great academic sources and the source that I found does this. I aimed to answer Ethan’s question of how athletes react to gaming and found this source This source provides a helpful outlook into why gamers may come addicted to gaming and how gaming impacts their life. While this may be an extreme take on what Ethan is looking for here, I believe it will be a helpful start in his research process. I suggested that Ethan provide a hypothesis at the start of his research as this will be extremely helpful with the creation of feedback loops and project progression. It will really highlight the contrast in his end result. I believe that my comment was highly engaging as I truly put the effort into immersing myself into his project and provided my personal opinion on how I would tackle his topic. I tried to be open and suggestive rather than strict and judgemental. However, I could definitely look a bit more into the background of the topic before diving in for round 2. I really enjoyed this experience and felt as though I was engaged with my classmates work and found myself excited to learn more. 



As a non-gamer I think you’ve pretty much hit the nail on head with your pitch. I can really relate to your perspective as a student with little experience in the gaming world so I think that makes it even more relatable to your audience. Your video is instantly really easy to watch and connect to and I found myself wanting to watch more to see where it was heading. I think the inclusion of you comparing information form different sources in order to form an opinion is incredibly useful especially as you may not have the most experience in this realm of research. I think it can only make your research more credible. I love that you’ve taken the perspective of game shows. I like that it doesn’t necessarily leave the gaming realm but it takes notions from it that I believe will only aid your project as more people will be able to relate to that. Who doesn’t watch millionaire hotseat at the end of the day??? I think the fact that you’ve got a good plan on where you’re heading will be great for your project as it will relieve the pressure of posting each week and the fact that you’ve kept your audience in mind when positing also shoes great understanding of your audience. What I would love to see out of this in the end is a conclusive statement on what you found out of your research. Will the game shows aid the lives of those participating? Does it reflect gaming world cultures? One source I found interesting when researching this that may or may not help out is : I had some good information on the cultural impacts of game shows and this could be good in analysing game users behaviours when participating.

Enjoy the process!

Critical Reflection

Within her post, Ruby aims to delve into the world of game shows in the way of reviewing and analysing them for viewers who may be interested in watching them. She plans to do this through the media source of Twitter. 

The first thing that struck me regarding Ruby’s pitch was the fact that it looked at gaming from a different perspective. I like the fact that although this topic may be intimidating to non-gamers, ruby has complimented the topic whilst putting her own spin on it which was a massive bonus for me. I think this will increase the readability for the project for users and will open up accessibility for her online. This was a major point I made within my comment. For this reason, this blog post was one of the best for me to review. I tried to do a bit of background research through the perspective of a non-gamer and found that the source: I found that this academic article had some great information that ruby could use in regard to her research on game shows. This particular article assessed the risk and effects that accompany gaming itself and may provide some great context and background information to be utilised in her findings. I suggested that she perhaps find a hypothesis or a statement that she hopes to evolve or uncover over time that she can use her research to find. This project was my personal favourite due to its relatability. It also taught me to think outside the box with my project in terms of ‘what gaming is’. 



Hey Brooke!

I think you’ve got a really great basis for a good DA here!. I think to start off, I would have loved to have seen a bit more specificity right off the mark about what your DA will be about and what you’re hoping to find as I was left a bit unclear about where it could be heading after reading the first paragraph. Saying that, I really liked the context you gave on the growing cultural significance of video games in the 21st century and how the world is shifting to view the importance of the games audiences are consuming. 

I think what would really give your project more bang for its buck would be to narrow this down straight off the mark. I really love that your going to your audience for suggestions on what to review and you seem to have a good idea of what you may be interested inn reviewing, I also like that you’re interspersing older and new games to assess their cultural impact over time. I think what will really make your posts stand out to all communities will be if you provide background to each game and give a basic overview of what one could expect out of it from a non-gamer perspective. 

I found this source for you to check out: What I think you could do that this source does amazingly would be to narrow down examples of games and then use them to reflect on their cultural significance. The authors use Super Mario Brothers and Pac-Man as cultural shifts and it really helps to make their case!.

Critical Reflection:

Brooke’s pitch focuses on the cultural impacts of gaming within the 21st century. First off, I did find this pitch hard to read due to the unclear nature that is initially presented. The first point I made was that Brooke could have been a tad clearer and more concise within her first few sentences in order to let viewers know what her project will be about and what she hopes to gain from it. I liked that Brooke would be using her audience to assist her media output e.g. asking viewers for what they would like to see. She has a basic plan of what games she would like to review, and she has interspersed newer and older games which I think opens up credibility and accessibility for all audiences. I think that I gave some really useful suggestions in terms of conciseness and the pointedness of her topic. Brooke’s post was one that needs some more drawing out but has the potential to be a really great investigative report. I contributed an online academic source that I believed may help her in narrowing down what she could speak about. The source is provided gives really great examples of games throughout the last century and really digs deep into their cultural impact. I think Brooke could gain some inspiration from this and learn the techniques that these investigative authors have used to really make the most out of her research. I really liked investigating Brooke’s topic as it made me look at gaming in a fresh way that I don’t think I would have picked up on had I not signed up to comment on her pitch. Having to look into gaming cultures made me realise that there is so much more to gaming than. I first thought and I think Brooke’s viewers will realise the same once this pitch is narrowed down and progresses along the way.

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