BCM 114


Things just weren’t working out…#FEFO

But thats okay! After the ideation process it is vital to enter the prototyping stage. One of the main components of this phase is iterations and changes from feedback loops which made the parts of my DA that weren’t working obvious. Prototyping basically means making tangible physical models of the problem solving you generated in the ideating stage (Mitew, 2019). In order to do this I incorporated lots of feedback devices as well as paper prototyping! I physically jotted down what was working and what people weren’t engaging with and came to the conclusion tat people aged more with a particular topic instead of a wide range of interests. My website ‘SHEEVOKES’ focused on many components but I narrowed this down to my main passion, literature. bookstagram and book blogs are so incredibly popular amongst the book-loving community so my purpose and audience was automatically fulfilled.

So how did I find and fix the necessary changes?

The answer? Feedback loops and lots of them! Firstly I ironed out what needed improved. I received comments on my blog, Instagram and through Instagram stories letting me know what I should change, an example being having a clear topic each week to chat about. I then incorporated this into my blog by making “book of the week” and monthly top tens! I iterated through many feedback loops, one being from students and tutors encouraging me to interact with my followers, doing so I gained more reach whilst also increasing my blogs likability as well as an increase in connection with my followers. In the charts below of Instagram analytics it is obvious from the comparisons that my first attempt at social media wasn’t reaching out to anyone in partular, however, ‘The Femme Edition’ has a clear audience who share the same interest but also benefit because my blog has its own quirks and uniqueness. Below we can see exmaples of feedback from instagram users, letting me know that my aim wasnt very clear and that i should narrow it down. We can see by my followers before and after that the feedback loops and iterations were effective.

Within my prototyping stage it was also vital for me to ensure my project was in line with the concepts of #FIST (fast, inexpensive, simple, tiny). I ensured this by keeping my blog and Instagram which are free to interact and create. I also needed to step up my #BEBO (blog early, blog often). This was encouraged by my audience in feedback loops so it was vital that I was interacting every single day and taking comments on board. It also made me seem like a real person and not just a website or piece of technology. Prototyping is such a vital stage in the digital artefact process and I can clearly see an increase in my interactions as well as an expansion in my online content curation through feedback and hard work.It was helpful to relate this and utilise the lectures as well. Teodore’s lecture on prototyping gave me insight into step-by-step DA building and how to engage with my followers. I put the notions of #BEBO into action and the results speak for themselves.  

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