BCM 114


While heading through the prototyping stage of my Digital Artefact, the iterations and changes from feedback loops that I needed to make became obvious. So prototyping basically means making tangible physical models of the problem solving you generated in the ideating stage. So firstly I ironed out what needed improved and I did this through the process of feedback loops. I received comments on my blog, Instagram and through Instagram stories letting me know what I should change, an example being having a clear topic each week.

I took this and started simple. I sketched out physically what I wanted to achieve in a mind map (as shown below) . I iterated different topics such as travel, fashion etc.. until I landed on literature! So now I incorporated the concept of #BEBO! Building early and building often was vital in the feedback process as it allowed me to observe how ym audience behaved to these changes. I tested on twitter and Involved my followers in the models I made and got positive feedback so I continued on my project due to the engagement I was getting!

The main focus for me was making a difference and serving a need so I was open to getting feedback early and starting over if need be! It’s so important to remember Eric Raymond’s quote “spending time looking some else almost-good-enough is more likely to give you good results”. I took this with me through the prototyping process, was influenced by others and it really helped. 

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