When designing this Digital Artefact it was vital to consider the critical reflection elements within the research process. For Travel Vault and the personal Digital Artefact that accompanied our design, this was clear. 

The aim of this digital artefact is to promote Australian local travel through the use of a media PSA. This PSA’s aim was to show the beautiful landscapes of our local backyard whilst tying this into our groups project, TravelVault. Throughout this research process, we as TravelVault have made it clear how the use of our app is extremely beneficial to the Australian travel in a pandemic. It highlights the best areas to visit, hidden gems and the best insta-worthy photo opportunities whilst also tying this into how we can stay safe while holidaying in a pandemic. This goal remained true within my PSA. I have attempted to clearly define why we must travel within Australia, focusing on these core values of TravelVault. I have linked to the clear theme of landscape and sightseeing as this was heavily focused on throughout our research process. 

Within this PSA, I have juxtaposed a range and variety of images and landscapes. This was to ensure that the message that I was attempting to get across was received. This message was regarding how Australian travel can be diverse and does not have to be defined in one way. I believe this was expressly shown within the array of images used. For example, I have utilised video footage of Australian beaches, outback and city to show that no matter what personality an individual is, they may experience the wonderful travel options that Australia has to ties in directly with Travel Vault’s main message that you don’t have to go far to find what you’re looking for. Whilst landscape imagery was key in the construction of this project, COVID safety also remained a priority.

Within our group work creating TravelVault, COVID safety was the timely and relevant issue that we had in the forefront of our minds throughout. This concept was carried throughout the DA process, with references to staying safe camouflaged in why we should be travelling Australia. For example, whilst showing the beautiful scenery to draw responders in, the voiceover of the PSA states that we are in a time where safety is paramount and the main reason travellers should be considering Australia as their number one travel option Is in order to keep their community safe. 

The choice to use the media platform of a PSA video was one that I believe tied my project together. The main purpose of a PSA is to draw someone’s attention to a cause or relevant issue. This was extremely useful as COVID-19 is something that must be discussed and considered when planning holidays and travel. Within this personal DA,, there was a clear aim to draw. The Australian traveller to their own backyard, with their personal and community safety at the forefront of their mind. I believe this was successful in the creation of my 60 second PSA as the viewer can understand why we must travel within our own means and how we can do this in a safe manner. This is what Travel Vault is all about. 


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