BCM 114

BCM212 Introduction

Hello all! It really doesn’t feel like i’m heading into my final semster of my second year at UOW! Once again, my name is Tegan Sereno, I am a 22 year old Communications and Media student who has a passion for travel, books and Japanese food.

When I reflect about my time at uni, it also comes hand-in-hand with thinking about who I was before i started my studying journey. I thought uni would be a scary place that would transform my life into a continuous study session. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Uni has proven to be a place that has enlightened me on so many aspects of life. Socially and educationally. I feel like I have broadened my research and communication skills while maintaining my personal life at the same time.

After reflecting on what I thought university would be like and what it turned out to be like for me in the end, I thought it would be interesting to ask a family member who has not studied what their thoughts are on the uni experience. My mum is a person who hasn’t been to university but has found their passions through a career in travel, her being a flight attendant for QANTAS. When i asked her what her thoughts are on unversity as a construct, she stated that although it’s extremely helpful and useful in life, she doesn’t beleive it is a one-way ticket to success. I definitely agree and i’m so lucky that it turns out university was the right path for me!

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