Algorithmic control III: Privacy, Surveillance, and the Price of Content

Have you ever thought about whose watching you? The first thing I did after viewing this week’s lecture was google my name. The amount that came up surprised me; instagram pictures, pint rest tags and even twitter pictures from 10 years ago appeared. This made me think. What does this say about the privacy and surveillance of online users today? 

One of my favourite shows at the moment is ‘Black Mirror’. This dystopian show displays different scenarios, somewhat exaggerated but relevant, regarding our society and where it is leaing. Specifically, the episode ‘NoseDive’ resonates well with this topic.  Basically the episode exaggerates the notion of social media. Everyone has a social rating and if it gets too low, citizens are locked out of things like basic public transport services, the upper end of real-estate and the latest versions of cars.

For further chat on surveillance and control of the media, check out my remediation for the week below! My remediation actually links in with our task of creating a digital artefact. Check out my original creation and see how this is displayed on different platforms, accessible to the public.

Now compare this with what i’ve found on the internet!

This ties in really well with Tfekci’s idea that “the Internet offers expansive possibilities for horizontal communication among citizens, while drastically lowering the costs of organizing and access to information”.(2013)

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