[Week 9] Algorithmic control I: Intellectual Property and the Content Control Industry

This week we focused on the way content producing industries package digital information as property, and on the role of copyright regimes in controlling user interaction with content. SO what is copyright in particular? 

In Australia, Copyright is defined as “a bunch of rights in certain creative works” (SmartCopy). These rights are granted exclusively to the copyright owner, who can prevent others from reproducing their work without their permission.  In a world where new internet platforms are constantly arising such as FaceBook and TikTok, problems arising stolen content and the works of others also arise alongside with it. 

Let’s specifically look at Disney. I know, weird, but bear with me. Lessig linked this example really well to our topic and I found it incredibly easy to base my remediation off this idea. Creators like Walt Disney were able to remediate the gore and morbid stories from the Brother’s Grimm to rebirth them in a new age (Lessig, 2005) . An example of this is displayed in my remediation, Cinderella originally having to cut her feet to fit into the slipper. Disney ripped culture from the landscape of literature around him, creating many defining films. As Lessig states, “quite often, Disney’s great genius, his spark of creativity, was built upon the work of others” (2004, p 21).

More recently, copyright has a amor role, especially in the platform ‘TikTok’. Users cannot interact through the use of certain songs as there are copyright restrictions. Does this limit our freedom as creators? Why do we even keep creating in this user-controlled social world? 

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