The Medium is the Message!

Marshall McLuhan’s Ideology ‘The Medium is the Message’ is quite an obscure and different idea to what I’m used to but after this week’s lecture and readings, I feel quite confident in explaining what this message relates to. So what does it really mean? When we’re talking about mediums, the content is what we usually focus on rather than the actually form of the medium itself. McLuhan is trying to reiterate that while the message may be important, it is the medium that makes the message in the end… Let’s try to break it down a bit further.

When we look at my original remediation (clever, isn’t it), we can see many different elements that all relate back to this one concept of ‘The Medium is the Message’. We can see elements such as old-school telephones and Netflix to display the shift of medium’s overtime. We can see this concept of a ‘global village’, our medium’s extending out into the world and interconnecting us all. The technology that the message is transferred through is said to shift us as individuals and societies. It is the technology that holds the power. When discussing this concept, it is also valuable to state that “the medium is an extensions of ourselves” (McLuhan 1964). In a nutshell, I believe this concept to mean that our technology and communication can create a “global village” (McLuhan 1964) and the medium that we communicate through holds more meaning than the message itself. 

If you’re still confused (i must admit I think myself into confusion) In the words of the master himself, he uses “the right hemisphere, they use the left” (McLuhan, 1964).


McLuhan M 1964, Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man, p 1-3, England

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