Let’s Get Lit!!!

Hi everyone!

So after a MASSIVE day of planning, thinking, stressing, planning and thinking some more ya girl has finally come up with an idea for my Digital Artefact! Firstly, I went right back to basics and literally just put pen to paper to jot down some ideas that I had. I asked myself ‘what do I love?’ and you’d think I could fill up a page but shockingly it was super hard. I struggled to come up with ten things I felt true passionate about so I asked myself another question, ‘why am I studying my degree and what do I want to do with it?’. That drew me towards literature and the publishing industry! (how could I forget after months of trying to find internships and stress-crying over not being able to!!!). So how can I talk about books everyday while still actively contributing to my online prescence and portfolio for the future? Easy! A book blog.

So a book blog seems easy enough but how can I narrow this down and challenge myself just that little bit further… theres a few ways.

I could…

  1. Make this a feminine fiction blog, specifically talking about womens fiction and the promotion of ladies in the media

Sidenote: I started brainstorming but stopped because I actually really liked my first idea, let’s stick with that for now 🙂


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