BCM 114

Ideating Sheevokes

 Ideation is Creation!

In the process of ideating and establishing an idea to create a digital artefact, I was intensely drawn to what I know and what I am passionate about. Helping other women and creating a space in which women can join to connect about issues and things that they love. This is what inspired me to create an artefact based on young females and their general interest to fix the issue of taboo topics and communication. Building and constructing an artefact I would be able to keep for future portfolios was also important to me, as my future lies in the publishing industry, which incorporates communication with others and curating online media presences. Whilst thinking about my artefact, it was vital that I incorporated the ideology of #FIST, otherwise known as fast, inexpensive, simple, tiny. So how did I do this? What could I create that would be accessible and easy to make but also hit my audience and targeted goal within my time-limit? A website. This is how I landed on SHEEVOKES. SHEEVOKES will be an online forum/ website that incorporates a discussion page for all women to access when they need a chat or just want to share what they love. There will be five tabs: travel, love, books, clothes, workouts/ recipes.

‘SHEEVOKES’ will incorporate an Instagram account I will produce, which will feature my personal style and aesthetic but can also relate to the average woman. A website/Instagram was the platform chosen as it is the main platform that is most influential to young girls and can hit my target problem of communication amongst a wide audience of girls. These social networking sites are also one of the largest platforms for bloggers. 

#FEFO- fail early, fail often. 

Starting my ideation process didn’t prove to be easy. I was conflicted with what would best serve my purpose while also maintaining #FIST. I did encounter a few early fails, one being a book reviewing site. I realised that this wouldn’t necessarily reach out to as many people and didn’t help individuals with a variety of issues so, instead, I incorporated this into my second idea and therefore fulfilled all parts of fast, inexpensive, simple and tiny! 
Whilst creating,  it was so important to me that I was meeting the criteria of ideating while also fulfilling my passions in my project. Like Ward (2005,p 18) states “As you learn and develop, new elements are introduced, and complexity increases. Fortunately, these new elements add utility, functionality, or maturity, so goodness also increases”. This was so true in the cyclical process of SHEEVOKES. Even though #FIST still applies, the work and effort that is needed evolves with the project, therefore creating more opportunities for myself and the women that can relate to it. Further,  as I researched into my idea, I began to look at accounts with similar concepts to investigate feedback and interaction. This is a vital step for my process as these accounts are targeting the same audience as myself. Reading comments, viewing likes and tracking followers showed me that these accounts have a vast amount of positive feedback. This was a significant issue that was highlighted. This is a feature I wanted to go above and beyond on. Curating all of my ideas so that women can actually comment and strait conversations through chat rooms is what will set my account aside and go above the interactions that are currently available. 

My goal is to create a platform that is not only available to young women, but also engages them with others and sparked a conversation about issues for this generation. That is SHEEVOKES. 

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