BCM 114


I wish to architect and launch a place where my knowledge of women and issues surrounding females can grow and expand. SHEEVOKES be a website catering to the female audience. It will be an online place for woman to share, contemplate, chat, and plan virtual and concrete girl centric things.

As a woman, I noticed that our communication and mutual growth can do better. Speaking to girls around the UOW campus, I noticed this lack of conversation. Rachel* stated that she lacks “a good group of girls to chat to when times get a bit tough”. So lets change that! 

This website will give young women the opportunity to reflect, better their mind through discussion and blog posts, better their health through easy to manage workouts for the busy woman as well as social health through the opportunity to colloaborate with other women experiencing the same issues. Having an online presence in which women can access allows them to feel safe and actually contribute to each other’s lives in a positive way. Through ideating, prototyping and making this project not only helps other young women but also assists me in my future goals in curating and processing media information. So Enjoy SHEEVOKES!

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