The Civilisation Of The Mind

This week’s topic ‘The Civilisation Of The Mind: Understanding the Network Society Paradigm’ took me a while to figure out but when I did, it really put everything into perspective for me. A quote that really resonated with me was that “cyberspace is a consensual hallucination experienced daily by billions of legitimate operators” (Gibson, 1984). The universality of cyberspace was made obvious following on from last week’s lecture with the ever-growing, fast paced nature of technology allowing everyone to feel connected and always technologically active. 

This week, I’d love to touch on the free-flow aspect of information on the web and how this affects human beings today. There are many amazing aspects of the evolution of the web such as the formation of new aesthetics e.g. cyberpunk hackers and transhumanism, however, there also has been a debate on whether this information should be freely given. Whilst Tim Berners-Lee has stated that the web was “designed for a social effect- to help people work together” (1999) there is also the possibility of hacking and cyber-attacks.

Despite the pros and cons of the evolutionary cyberspace frontier, we can’t deny that it holds a strategic space in peoples minds. 

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