My Media Niche

As a young adult living in a world of ever-growing media sources, it’s pretty easy to get caught up in the latest media niche circling the web. From TikToks to Instagram models, from Youtube drama to Fortnight, us young Australians truly have a wide range of sources to find our own media niche. When thinking about mine, I truly struggled because, like everyone, I enjoyed YouTube videos and scrolling through Facebook for hours, but what made my interest unique to me was the collaboration of my passion for true crime interspersed with online research videos. True crime podcasts and YouTube videos are an interest that I have held for over 5 years. The investigation into what is not known, and the mystery broadcasted throughout worldwide media today sparked an interest in me that is further highlighted in YouTube videos by Isabella Fiori, Shane Dawson and podcasts such as Teachers Pet.  


Understanding a passion for a media subject is one thing, but physically turning into a project of research and investigative matter is a completely new territory for me. Whilst its vital to take ion new information about true crime, what really has potential for me would be viewing how online platforms communicate with true crime and how they thus react to real-life traumatic events. Examples of this can be shown in the Netflix Documentary ‘Don’t F*** With Cats’ which explores the murderer Luca Magnotta. In order to narrow this down further, if I were to explore the podcast ‘Teacher’s Pet’ which investigates the disappearance of Lynnette Dawson, I would then also investigate the presence it holds outside of the podcast realm. I would investigate who watches this podcast and its further media presence. The Teacher’s Pet Instagram offers viewers updates and commentary on the case and also provides listeners with a space to interact and chat about the passion they have for unsolved crime. ­

An example of true crime social media video by Isabella Fiori.


While the specificities of my true crime passion haven’t been settled on, I believe that this topic is a truly vital piece of research-worthy media. Having been passionate about this topic for a while, I’ve gained some valuable knowledge on how users react to true crim media and what they wanted to see out of it. This could really range from wanting to see weekly videos on new cases or follow-up videos on police leads that one is connected to. There are so many streams you can go down with this topic which is why I’m so interested in pursuing it. 

The Teacher’s Pet

The Teacher’s Pet is an Australian Crime podcast developed by Hedley Thomas. This weekly true crime podcast which runs for 50 minutes an episode delves into the disappearance of Lynette Dawson, possibly at the hands of her husband, Chris Dawson. This media source is incredibly interesting to listen to, not only because of its content, but the way is has thusly affected social media users and life in general. The Podcast has led to many interesting discoveries outside of the media realm as well. These may include the search into claims of sexual assaults and student-teacher relationships at high schools mentioned in the podcast, this credited with encouraging younger females to step forward after sexual assault. Chris Dawson’s arrest after the podcast aired is also incredibly interesting and worth exploring. 

Lynette and Chris Dawson

As you can see, true crime is incredibly valuable and worth pursuing, especially in regard to how it affects life online and the repercussions it brings for real-life. 

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