The Femme Edition


My Process and Rebranding 

Starting my DA was a process, that’s for sure. I went through so much ideating that I went crazy! I decided initially to create a platform that surrounded women. It was called ‘The Eggplant Emoji’ and it was to be centred around feminine literature.

The skeleton of my first draft: ‘The Eggplant Emoji’

Women are not being as prominently shown in the Australian media which was disheartening for girls. I developed the skeleton of a blog for ‘The Eggplant Emoji’ and asked for feedback on whether other people though that women were misrepresented in the media and the response was not great.

The twitter survey, taken on May 5th, asking users whether they considered their time on Instagram as negative or positive

 I didn’t generate enough feedback to make a decision on my blog and this made me re-evaluate. I took into consideration the feedback I received on my pitch, that the process was too big, which was true. I decided to continue with my process which I found effective in BCM112. I decided to develop my website, quite similar to my original idea, focusing on women in general. It will still involve books but will incorporate aspects of travel and uni to involve more of an audience. It will aim to be inclusive of girls and give them an space to talk, discuss and debate. It’s important for girls to have a space that isn’t Instagram as many find that their self-esteem is lowered. I rebranded my pitch as ‘The Femme Edit’ and it is already developed so I can grow, attracting more of an audience. I also took inspiration from other sources to be reflected on my site! 

The colour palettes and styles I rebranded with

Feedback Loops and Iteration, Iteration, Iteration!

I found that the project wasn’t just about developing but actually reaching people and making a meaningful imprint on the web. It was a learning experience for me, I made mistakes and I worked to remedy them through the iteration and feedback loop process. 

  1. I found that I wasn’t gaining enough interaction to make a decision about what to produce on my blog. This was shown in the analytics and stats of my blog and the lack of interaction with my surveys. So what could I do from here? Based on the feedback I had at my hands, I decided to market and promote heavily. I did this through twitter surveys, tweets and posting on Discord. This allowed me to understand my target market and develop accordingly.
  1. The project was also too big to develop properly so I decided to iterate by not completely scrapping my idea, but further developing my previous project, which I found worked in the past but could still use some love. Having an already developed website was also a major help due to the time saving and cost effective aspects (FIST). 
Top: More positive stats for ‘The Femme Edit’ compared with…
Bottom: The lack of interaction my first attempt had

What next?

Rebranding is a great learning moment for me as it makes the web page less intimidating and more comfortable for everyone. Basically I changed the target audience, altered what I was selling to my target market and I relied on my audience feedback to make these changes! From here, i’ll continue to develop my blog and consistently ask for feedback from my users. Learning from my mistakes and developing accordingly is my prime goal. 

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