The Eggplant Emoji is here!

When I was thinking about what I wanted to create for my BCM112 Pitch I knew I wanted it to be something meaningful towards women in the media whilst also contributing to my portfolio and encouraging my writing passions. This is how the idea for the ‘Eggplant Emoji’ came about. The concept is to create a WordPress blog for women, encouraging their voices and discussing all things literature and women in the media. This blog will have weekly posts regarding female authors of the moment and their thoughts on the current state of literature. When creating my blog, I had to think about my audience and why they would want to look at my blog in particular over the thousands of other mediums out there. I specifically targeted 18-25-year-olds and surveyed them through interviews, receiving 100% positive responses. The most popular answer to my question “would you read a blog designed for women in the media” was “yes” and when asked why Ally* stated, “because it would inspire me and make me feel more confident”. Taking this fast, inexpensive, simple and tiny method, I turned this into an easy and no-cost WordPress blog in order to reach a larger audience and engage specifically with university girls with simple, engaging posts.

This is my survey and the results I received.

Reflecting on our lectures, I took on the concept of:

After my BCM114 DA, The Femme Edition, I recognized that I didn’t promote my posts enough and didn’t take the feedback I received on board. Changing this, I took what responses I have already received for my blog and intend to focus and really draw in on what girls want to talk about, why women aren’t represented enough in the media and what we can do to change this. As shown in this quote by the Harvard Business Review “women are far less likely than men to be seen in the media with women making up a mere 19% of experts in news stories” (Rattan 2019) so let’s make a change!

Harvard Business Review 2019, Tackling the Underrepresentation of Women in the Media , Rattan A, viewed 18th March 2020

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